How Social Networks Impact Your Job Search

Potential employers will weigh your digital identity – and so should you Why Your Digital Identity Matters to Your Job Search Could your online presence keep you from landing a job? Job hunting is a two-way street. While you’re researching potential employers and learning all you can about the hiring managers who’ll be interviewing you, [;.]

Entrepreneurial Advice with Bernadette

Disability Month is an opportunity for disabled individuals to share their experiences and give advice. Bernadette Rigney was interviewed by a few Radio Stations around SA. She shares the questions… Interview Questions: 1) Why are 2% targets consisting of staff with disabilities not reached for many companies? What are the retention strategies?There are many reasons [;.]

October Transport Month 2016

The EcoMobility World Festival 2015 was a remarkable opportunity for the local community and people with disabilities to try out a scenario of activities for sustainable living, experiencing and showcasing an ecomobile lifestyle in a real city, by real people, in real time. After the success of the 2015 Event, the city committed to involving [;.]

The Evolution of the Workplace

The Evolution of the Workplace – Fability Pty Ltd For years Companies have followed the 9-5 working hour schedule. We have congested peak hour traffic from 07h00am, employees rushing to get to their desks. Public Transport systems are packed to the max capacity, then …. the clock strikes 09h00am – silence on the platforms and [;.]

The Evolving Workplace with Bernadette

Supporting the Empowerment of Women and Persons with Disabilities in Business; through Recruitment, 800+ Credit Bearing Training Programs, Accessibility Audits, Technology, Innovation and Employee Retention Strategies for Corporates, Government and Individuals. What are the benefits of Virtual Offices and placing Disabled Learners on Virtual Training Programs? – Instead of competing for ideal-priced office locations (and [;.]

Wings for Life World Run 2016

Wings For Life raises R112m, globally, for spinal injury research Over 2,300 runners registered in South Africa. JOHANNESBURG – The Wings for Life World Run has raised almost R112 million in funds for spinal injury research, with over R575,000 raised in the South African segment of the race.Thousands of people, both able-bodied and in wheelchairs, started in [;.]

Cliff Central – Disability Entrepreneurship

Isn’t it strange that around 15% of persons with disabilities who are working are self-employed versus the less than 10% of non-disabled people with their own businesses? More disabled people are beginning to follow suit, starting up their own businesses. As the continent, government and business community, we seek to affirm and give recognition to [;.]

SAE4D Breakfast March 2016

Accenture hosted the latest breakfast workshop. This was an exceptionally informative session with speakers from the SA Human Rights Commission and the Department of Social Development providing great insights into the recently published Disability Toolkit for the Private Sector and the White Paper on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities bit. Accenture also shared experiences [;.]