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Welcome to Fability

Started up in 2014 by Bernadette Rigney, with 20+ years of experience in Corporate and Government. Committed to breaking barriers, shattering stereotypes, and showing that we all can Live Life Fabulously.

Exploring the Wide World: From SA to the USA

Making an impact in people’s lives comes effortlessly to Bernadette Rigney. Her laugh is infectious, and her positive outlook on life makes you smile.

Born with a rare condition called Arthrogryposis, which affects the muscles and limits the range of motion in her arms and legs, she is no stranger to the challenges persons with disabilities experience in their everyday lives.

While schooling in Cape Town, Bernadette appeared in a variety of roles in concerts, including the show Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, which went to The Baxter Theatre for a few weeks. She became familiar with the industry at a very young age, and it taught her to be confident in her own skin.

She returned to Johannesburg and matriculated at the age of seventeen in 1997.

Bernadette had an opportunity to explore the USA, living and working in North Carolina for one year. She loved spending time in Miami and visited Paris.

Bernadette returned to Johannesburg in 2000.

A Dream Career

Bernadette struggled to find a job immediately after returning to Johannesburg from the USA. It was almost unheard of to appoint a person with a disability at the time. She received an opportunity to work for a month doing data capturing. Her new boss’s wife adored Bernadette and offered her an admin role at her company in the cosmetic industry.

Four years later, thoroughly enjoying her career, Bernadette had no intention of changing jobs. Her sister stumbled upon a job advertisement and suggested she apply for a position that described her to a T, not knowing that this would change her life.

Bernadette started working at the City of Johannesburg’s Development and Planning Department in 2006. She gained great knowledge, skills, expertise, and deep insight into how cities and transport systems operate. She also acquired knowledge of innovative technology around property development and mapping.

Bernadette began to see how critical her role was in developing cities and bringing about greater awareness of the diverse needs for different types of disabilities. She was nominated as the Transformation and Disability Awareness Representative in 2008, where she worked alongside the Group Human Capital Management (GHCM) Department to advance the rights and employment of persons with disabilities.

In 2011, Bernadette started speaking at high-profile government events and corporate seminars.

She received annual awards from 2006 to 2014 for data clean-up, youth development programs in rural and urban areas, building accessibility measures, and was featured in the City’s Magazine for Service Excellence in 2014.

Starting Fability

In 2014, Bernadette Rigney made the significant decision to transition from a career in government to establish her own enterprise, with a vision to modernize the disability sector and redefine prevailing stereotypes surrounding disability.

Drawing on her extensive marketing background cultivated through experiences in the USA, the Fashion and Cosmetic Industry, and the Government, Bernadette has spearheaded groundbreaking initiatives that gained a bit of press.

Her remarkable contributions were duly recognized in 2017 when she received the prestigious Tributes Excellence Award in the Entrepreneur category.

At Fability, we embrace the philosophy that life is a canvas of opportunities and choices, inviting individuals to craft a fabulous existence. Bernadette Rigney, the driving force behind Fability, personifies this ethos.

Beyond her entrepreneurial pursuits, Bernadette emerges as a fervent advocate for disability rights, fearlessly championing causes dear to her heart and catalyzing conversations that motivate tangible action. Her steadfast commitment to inclusivity, diversity, and equal opportunities has not only ignited a transformative movement but has also positioned her as a regular contributor to several esteemed publications.

In breaking barriers and shattering stereotypes, Bernadette Rigney is not merely shaping a business; she is architecting a legacy of positive change.

Launching Fability Perfume

Bernadette Rigney’s career started in the cosmetics field where she worked until she unexpectedly received a job opportunity in government. After many years in the fast-paced field, she couldn’t shake-off her beauty industry roots. In 2020, having always had a passion for beauty and cosmetics, she reinvested in her dreams and Fability launched their Fragrance range.

Our perfume is made with the utmost care to ensure you feel special every time you wear it.

Whether you’re looking for an everyday scent or something special for a night out,
Fability Perfume is sure to make you feel your best.
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Fability for Him Eau de Parfum – 50ml

Fability for Him is an intriguing scent that is sure to turn heads. It opens with a powerful mix of Bergamot and earthy woods. Heart notes of Woody Ambery, Lavandin and Sandalwood to create an alluring aroma. The base of Patchouli and Amber creates a warm and seductive tone, making this fragrance irresistible. It is perfect for those who want to make a statement. Let this scent take you on a journey of self-discovery and adventure.


Fability for Her Eau de Parfum – 50ml

This exquisite fragrance opens with romantic top notes of Magnolia and Jasmine followed by a heart of Vanilla that’s timeless and sophisticated. The base of Sandalwood adds a warmth and depth to the scent, making it perfect for any occasion. With its delicate balance of floral and woody notes, Fability for Her is the perfect scent to make any woman feel special.


Lose the Resume, Land the Job

Acknowledged in Forbes’ #1 Executive Search Firm’s book, “Lose the Resume, Land the Job”. Proven Advice from The New York Times, the third image shows the book display at Madison Square Garden in New York.

Award-winning Entrepreneur

In 2017, Bernadette won the Tributes Excellence Award in the Entrepreneur category.

You’re in good company


Bernadette Rigney, receiving an appreciation gift as an Adjudicator for the Gauteng Women’s Excellence Awards from MEC for Transport and Logistics, Kedibone Diale. The Awards was hosted by the Gauteng Office of the Premier.

MEC Kedibone Diale / RSA Government

“You smell good” is 1 of my top 10 compliments…

Fability for her:
“An innovative and addictive combination of magnolias and sandalwood notes, which represents the duality of a woman’s character”

All my fav scents in a bottle:
Magnolias, sandalwood, jasmine and vanilla.

Naazi / The Model Academy

LinkedIn Workshop – 18 October 2019: Thank you to Bernadette Rigney from Fability for chatting to us about our personal brand and sharing more about her own story with us. What an inspiring and motivating presentation.

Claire Westman / Just Hello

Bernadette Rigney is pure inspiration. She is a champion for people with disabilities with an internalised “I CAN” philosophy in life that I am sure Obama picked up from her.

Kudsiya Cassim / The Renaissance Network

I’ve had the privilege of meeting this incredible woman Bernadette from @thefabilitylife early on in my exploration into the world of digital entrepreneurship. As an occupational therapist and lover of technology, I had a vision of combining the two for the benefit of the disability community. But I am of the school of thought of ‘nothing for us about us’ so when I reached out to her and she graciously gave me some time to discuss my ideas. We have not YET managed to collaborate, but I hope to someday soon. And that vision that was the catalyst to me learning web design and development? That vision is still alive…one day…

So do yourself a favour, go check out her page and the amazing initiatives she is involved in or book her as a speaker at your next event.

Tasneem Abrahams / The Daily Hustle

Fability Workshop – 23 August 2017: Thank you for hosting us. I got only positive feedback from our employees with disabilities at the dti.

Hessa Ely / the dti

Fability Workshop – 23 August 2017: Amazing workshop I had hosted by the lovely Bernadette Rigney. The environment was great, the people were great and the teachings we amazing. Loved every moment. The workshop was worth it. The information I got out will improve my business and the people were amazing. Thank you Bernadette

Bonisile Claudia Kunene / Styled by AfriBonn

Fability Workshop – 23 August 2017: Thank you Bernadette Rigney for an awesome workshop today. Lovely setting and fantastic speaker you are. Very much looking forward to attending more in the future and meeting new people. Much love.

Tennille Pretorius

A HUGE shout out to Fability Pty Ltd and Bernadette Rigney for ALL your support and friendship to Smergos and the team. You are a true worrier and a blessing to all!

Jayd Dell / Smergos

Nedbank Sports Awards: Thank you for coordinating and booking Samkelo Radebe to Speak at the Awards, he inspired all of us!

Jo-Anne Vrdoljak / Nedbank

Leadership has a new face – The Disabled Entrepreneur: The first speaker of the day was introduced as Bernadette Rigney, and her talk was entitled “Knowing your Rights in the Workplace & the Ability to Live Life Fabulously”. Judging by her credentials, I had a strong suspicion that she would have something to say that I wanted to hear. As it turns out, she is a walking embodiment of the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover”. Kicking off, this tiny woman, born with Arthrogryposis, introduced herself with a brief recollection of her working life in the facilitation of accessibility in Johannesburg. She then went on to tell of her business, Fability, a start-up which she hopes to use as a vehicle for improving Disability Awareness and creating new opportunities for Persons with Disabilities as well as organizations and businesses. As she expounded on her vision and her career up to this point, it became abundantly clear that she was a true giant in her field. I couldn’t help but smile. Her story was one of determination, hard work, and breaking down barriers on the way to success. It was all about living fabulously. Somehow, I really got a sense of what that meant.

Western Cape Association for Persons with Disabilities

The SEDA Disabled Entrepreneurs Seminar 2015 event today in Cape Town at Brideways, Ratanga Junction was phenomenal!: Bernadette Rigney, founder and director of Fability: Lifestyle Guide just WOWED me with her in-depth knowledge of policies and legislation around disabilities! To all my journalist friends who are at the forefront of media for breaking news…if you need to understand policies and legislation around disability issues and know what is happening, and how South Africa is pioneering discussion and debate in this space, Bernadette is your go to person! Mogamat Reza Gallant of Shanduka Black Umbrellas inspired me with his knowledge and understanding of the path entrepreneurs walk. Young, up and coming entrepreneurs, and those of you who dream of starting your own enterprise, check Shanduka out for information resources.

Thank you so much SEDA for an amazing, inspiring event!

Jabulile S Ngwenya / Red Silk Tree Media

I had the opportunity to work with Bernadette Rigney on programmes focusing on Leadership Capacity Building in the area of Disability and Inclusion. It is with great excitement that I learnt she will be presenting on Entrepreneurship as a disabled woman and Personal Branding at the 2015 SEDA Conference to be held in Cape Town. Bernadette’s candid style, expert knowledge and humour impressed past audiences and I am confident she will leave this years’ conference attendees inspired into action. Her triumphant journey in overcoming the challenges presented by physical disabilities and her “can do” attitude is what every organizational leader and staff need to hear. It’s both my pleasure and honour to acknowledge Bernadette Rigney for her selection as a presenter at the SEDA conference.

Dr Sorayah Nair / Business Health Solutions

the dti Disability Forum Workshop 28 June 2016: Bernadette’s support in the objective to empower the dti Disability Forum is highly appreciated.

Hessa Ely / the dti