Butterflies can’t see their Wings

Butterflies can’t see their wings. They can’t see how truly beautiful they are, but everyone else can. People are like that as well. We’ve all encountered individuals who radiate a sense of purpose, determination, and unwavering self-belief, leaving us inspired and introspective about our own lives. These extraordinary people serve as living testaments to the [;.]

2023 Gauteng Women Excellence Awards

Spotlight on Excellence: A Glorious Evening at the 2023 Gauteng Women Excellence Awards Reliving the magic of the 2023 Gauteng Women Excellence Awards feels like a journey through a tapestry adorned with threads of achievement and inspiration. As I reflect, it’s incredible to see how the seeds of inspiration, planted during the planning stages back [;.]

Yannick Benjamin: Embracing Adversity and Celebrating Life

In the heart of New York City in October 2003, Yannick Benjamin’s life took an unexpected turn. At the age of 25, he believed he had everything mapped out—a fulfilling job, advancing wine certifications, a loving network of family and friends, and, above all, good health. However, a car accident on a stormy evening changed [;.]

Sparkle Rekindled: Nurturing Your Radiance with Simple Practices

How to Reinvigorate Your Sparkle and Shine Brightly Again We all encounter those days when our once-vibrant sparkle seems to dim, when the zest and motivation that fueled us at the week’s start wane. It’s a common experience, particularly after enduring long days or navigating through stressful weeks. However, amidst these moments, it’s crucial to [;.]

How Motivation Amplifies Itself from Within

Unearthing Motivation: A Journey Within There are moments when motivation eludes us, leaving projects unfinished and daily tasks neglected. The key lies in finding your motivation within – a tailored source that resonates uniquely with you. The journey toward self-motivation is anchored in understanding oneself, aligning goals, and implementing effective strategies. 1. Self-Discovery Through Psychometric [;.]

Unlocking the Power of Social Media Marketing

Unlocking the Power of Social Media Marketing: Strategies for Small Business Success Social media platforms have undergone an explosive growth phase, emerging as a game-changer for small business owners. Notably, influencers have wielded significant impact, reshaping the landscape of online engagement. Remarkably, 74% of consumers actively follow brands on social media. The ease of utilizing [;.]

Good Food Matters

“Love has a Taste! And I am convinced I can find it in food. A meal prepared with the simplest ingredients and the inclusion of love will outstrip a complicated, gourmet affair in a sterile stress-laden kitchen.” — Charlotte Jean; Author of Good Food Matters Good Food Matters is based on author, Charlotte Jean’s, passion for [;.]

Mastering Focus: The Power of a Not-To-Do List

THE BEST ADVICE I’ve received!! In the tumultuous landscape of 2020, adapting to remote work brought both flexibility and challenges. With changing hours and a home-bound routine, maintaining focus became a formidable task. Amidst this chaos, the best advice I received was to create a “Not-To-Do List.” Understanding the Not-To-Do List: A Not-To-Do List is [;.]

A Fragrant Journey: Bernadette Rigney’s Evolution in Cosmetics and Beyond

Our Fragrances are made with the utmost care to ensure you feel special every time you wear it. In 2003, Bernadette Rigney embarked on a career in the cosmetics field upon her return from the USA. Fascinated by the work of chemists and deeply rooted in her passion, she had no intentions of changing her [;.]