Empowering and Progress

I firmly believe in collaborative work with all Sectors. Sharing success rates, discussing challenges and providing effective solutions. Supporting the empowerment of disabled individuals to find and retain jobs. You might also enjoy this previous Blog: Implementing a 7% Target consisting of Persons with Disabilities in the Workplace Why are we still getting it so wrong? Over this [;.]

Preparing for a Career Expo

Earlier this year we attended the Annual Career Expo 2018. Read more: Things You Need to Do After Attending a Career Expo As the year comes to an end, let’s re-cap and see how far you are with your planning… Career to do list: Promoting yourself through Social MediaIs your Social Media profile reflecting your personality, [;.]

Event Basics

How to Plan an Event It’s no secret that Event Planners have the most stressful jobs … just because you planned a kid’s 3rd birthday party with 50 guests and the greatest hits, does not make you the next Master Event Planner. From planning World Cups, CD Launches and High-Profile Galas including Celebrity guests, a [;.]

Careership vs Entrepreneurship

Pros and Cons: Careership VS Entrepreneurship Being an employee and being an entrepreneur have their own advantages and disadvantages. Entrepreneurs are often portrayed as happy and free, risk takers that have the benefits of controlling their own time and income. In real life though, many entrepreneurs fail. They don’t have the guaranteed income and work [;.]

Things to do after a Career Expo

Things You Need to Do After Attending a Career Expo Whether you’re nearing graduation, have already graduated or are in search of a new job, you’ve taken your future into your own hands by attending the Annual Career Expo. You may have gotten some advice about job opportunities while you were there. Maybe you got [;.]