“Love has a Taste! And I am convinced I can find it in food. A meal prepared with the simplest ingredients and the inclusion of love will outstrip a complicated, gourmet affair in a sterile stress-laden kitchen.” — Charlotte Jean; Author of Good Food Matters

Good Food Matters is based on author, Charlotte Jean’s, passion for food and her many years of experience as a clinical nutritional therapist. This nutrition manual and healthy cookbook imparts her wealth of knowledge in the hopes that others will benefit from what she learnt, often through her own personal health struggles.

She covers how to cook sustainably for the sake of our precious resources, and our pockets. She gives in-depth principles that govern eating well as the key to health, including the importance of a healthy gut, superfoods, acid and alkaline foods and more. The nutrition principles can be personally implemented based on her eating plan examples. 

The recipe section is packed with over 90 tasty recipes that have been tried and tested by Charlotte herself, covering balanced breakfasts, magnificent main meals and a range of delicious snacks, muffins, cakes and biscuits. Everything you could need for a flavourful and nutritious menu is within your fingertips. The recipes include options for those needing wheat-free, lactose-free, sugar-free and vegetarian meals and she presents a handy guide for ingredient replacements where needed. Discover how to make your own healthy mayonnaise, bone broth, protein shakes and juices, fermented foods and even tonics and teas.

Available at R250 for the printed version or R190 for the ebook. 

Your all-in-one guide to nutritious meals, every day!