Bernadette Rigney’s career started in the cosmetics field in 2003 upon her return from the USA.

Bernadette was fascinated with the work done by chemists, having worked in the cosmetics field for three years by 2006, she had no intentions of leaving.

Her sister saw an article in the newspaper and told Bernadette the advertised role described her ‘to a t’ and she should apply. Bernadette applied and got the job to work for the government in 2006. The role was in Development Planning. She also got involved in the planning of Events such as the 2010 World Cup, and saw projects role out from the ReaVaya Bus system to the Gautrain. As a person with a disability she gained tremendous insight into infrastructure development, and transformation in Human Resources.

After eight years in the exciting fast pace field, in 2014 she established Fability, an organization that transforms content into engaging material that highlights innovation, diversity, marketing, events and publicity in dynamic ways. After running Fability for six years, she still couldn’t shake off her beauty industry roots.

In 2020, having always had a passion for beauty and cosmetics, she reinvested in her dreams and created her own cosmetics range.

Our Fragrances are a blend of elegance and luxury and they are affordable. Each creation has a story, a unique experience behind their scent and name creating a sense of identity that others can connect and engage with.

This fragrance is full of audacious ingredients enhancing ones desires.
An alluring and seductive combination of Woody Ambery, Patchouli and Sandalwood. Designed to give any man the confidence to chase after what he wants in life.

An innovative and addictive combination of Magnolias, Jasmine, Vanilla and Sandalwood to represent the duality of a woman’s character.
This scent was created to inspire women from all walks of life to pursue their dreams with no limitations.

Fability has become a recognized brand with a difference in disability entrepreneurship. Bernadette hopes to inspire many others to pursue their dreams with no limitations.

Thank you