A Year of Manifestations: The Power of Vision Boards

One year ago, I embarked on the journey of creating my very own Vision Board, inspired by a friend’s incredible story of manifested dreams. Today, I want to share a valuable Vision Board tip that has transformed the way I approach life: create a board that represents what you want to CREATE, not merely what you want to GET.

To kickstart your Vision Board journey, consider these exploratory questions:

  1. What goals are you actively pursuing in your life?
  2. Envision reaching those goals—what does your life look like in that moment?
  3. Your Vision Board is the visual expression of your WHY—why your goals matter, why you’re initiating change. When motivation wanes, a glance at your board becomes a powerful reminder of your purpose.
  4. What images, words, and phrases encapsulate the essence of your life post-goal achievement?
  5. Reflect on the steps needed to reach your goal.
  6. Consider how the process of achieving your goal will transform you.

Vision Boards come in various forms, such as scrapbook-style boards, screen savers, or background collages for your devices. Opt for a style that resonates with you and is visible in your daily life.

Let your Vision Board serve as a powerful tool:

  • Clarity in Goals: Use it to gain clarity about your aspirations.
  • Decision-Making: Seek guidance by questioning if opportunities align with your board. If not, it might be steering you away from your desired path.

A year later, I find myself expressing gratitude for the decisions I’ve made. My life aligns with the dreams I envisioned on my Vision Board. This transformative process, involving visualization, image creation, and diligent work toward set goals, has resulted in my best year yet.

The journey of creating and revisiting my Vision Board has been instrumental in achieving the life I once dreamt of. As you embark on your own Vision Board venture, remember, it’s not just about obtaining; it’s about creating the life you desire, one image and goal at a time. Cheers to manifesting your best year ahead!