Things You Need to Do After Attending a Career Expo

Whether you’re nearing graduation, have already graduated or are in search of a new job, you’ve taken your future into your own hands by attending the Annual Career Expo.

You may have gotten some advice about job opportunities while you were there. Maybe you got too much info and feel overwhelmed on your career choices or what you’d like to study. Or a handful of interview practice tips. Or maybe, you even got a chance to have a brief discussion with potential employers.

Before you start patting yourself on the back for how well everything went, wait.

After attending the career expo, you want to be able to walk out with confidence and feeling like you did the right things, such as presented yourself positively, networked, had a good understanding of job positions and made a memorable impression. However, that’s just the initial step. So now what?

What you do after the career expo is almost more important than what you did at the career expo, and the two go hand-in-hand.

5 To Do’s after attending the Annual Career Expo:


  1. Get organized

Since you probably networked with several different people, it’s important to stay organized and keep track of all your potential job leads. You’ll want to create a document that keeps track of all the human resource recruiters, colleges and representatives you spoke with. Make sure to include their business card information, and any notes you may have jotted down about your discussion. If you didn’t take notes during the career expo, it’s OK to write down some now; it’s important for you to remember points about the conversation. Also, once you’ve given your CV, update the document with whom you chatted to.

  1. Follow-up with employers

At the career expo you were probably gathering as many business cards as you could, and now it’s important to follow-up with the contacts you met. Send an email, thank you letter or make a phone call. Make sure your follow up is well written and uses proper grammar. If you had a good conversation, make note of something you discussed at the career fair. Don’t make your follow-up casual. Go to the organization’s website and find specific positions that you could apply to and mention that in your follow-up as well.
In addition:

  • Tie your skill sets to match the organization
  • Always let them know you are excited to pursue a position and work for the company
  • Tell them what sets their company apart from others
  • Explain how this is really what you’re looking for and you truly value their input from talking to them at the event
  • Find out if there is an opportunity to intern, or if there is some way for you to learn more about the company.


  1. Make sure your SOCIAL MEDIA profiles are polished

If you met with someone at the career expo to review your profiles, make sure it is as refined and thorough as can be. Reach out to experts for recommendations. Then, connect with the company via Social Media.

  1. Try to maintain the connection

Determined by the recruiter or company’s response, you may want to send an email or note occasionally to touch base and let them know you are interested and if they will have anything open in the future. You might also ask if they can hold onto your resume as a future interest. Make sure to only contact them in moderation, and let them know you are very interested.

  1. Continue practicing your interviewing skills and reflect on your experience at the career expo

Practice, practice, practice! Practice in the mirror, with a significant other—practice with whoever it may be, but keep practicing those interview questions. This will keep your skills sharp for the next opportunity. It is important to reflect on how you managed yourself so you can prepare and make any improvements at the next career expo.
Questions to ask yourself:

  • How well did I prepare for it?
  • Do I feel like I networked well?
  • Did I give my 30 second elevator speech?
  • What went well?
  • What would I do differently?
  • Did I learn something about myself or a potential employer?

There is always plenty to do once you leave a career expo, just remember to give yourself props for attending one. That is always the first step.
Thank you