Pioneering Disability Inclusion in South Africa

In a landscape where less than 4% of South African companies have met the 2% disability employment target, Fability stands as a trailblazing force, combining fabulousness with innovative ideas to enhance the lives of Persons with Disabilities. Founded in 2014 by Bernadette Rigney, Fability is a South African company dedicated to empowering individuals with disabilities in pursuing their career goals.

Core Offerings and Impact:

  • Personality Evaluation Assessments: Fability utilizes assessments to guide individuals with disabilities on their career paths.
  • Training and Development: Fability offers training and development programs, fostering skill enhancement and personal growth.
  • Workshops for Inclusive Environments: Conducting workshops for government bodies and corporates to create inclusive and barrier-free environments, aligning with legislative acts and employment equity policies.
  • Global Projects: Leveraging Bernadette’s extensive experience in government and her passion for disability awareness, Fability engages in global projects.

Founder’s Vision and Expertise:
Bernadette Rigney, the visionary founder, draws from her eight years of government experience, including a year in the USA. Committed to making a global impact, she collaborates with government bodies, private sectors, recruiters, schools, and universities, bridging the gap between job seekers and employers. Bernadette’s expertise extends to city planning, transport systems, and building codes, positioning her as a key advocate for improved public services and transport systems.

Addressing Key Challenges:
Fability addresses the challenges faced by Persons with Disabilities in the workforce, focusing on growth opportunities, accessibility, and eliminating barriers hindering daily activities. Bernadette champions collaborative work, sharing success rates, discussing challenges, and offering effective solutions.

Common Reasons for Job Resignation by Persons with Disabilities:

  • Lack of Growth Opportunities: Skilled individuals often find themselves confined to frontline administrative functions.
  • Transportation and Accessibility: Barriers in daily activities and productivity due to inadequate transportation and inaccessible facilities.
  • Emergency Exits and Drivers Licenses: Some companies use emergency scenarios as reasons for not employing or promoting individuals.

FAQs for Corporates and Government Departments:
Fability addresses critical questions related to disability employment, workplace accessibility, policies, benefits, and more. The FAQs cover definitions of disability, types of disabilities, strategic placements, universal design, and the advantages of employing Persons with Disabilities.

Breaking Stereotypes and Championing Equality:
Bernadette challenges stereotypes, emphasizing the dedication and hard work of Persons with Disabilities in the workplace. Fability’s mission is rooted in creating equal opportunities, fostering fairness in business, and reshaping societal perceptions of disability.

Shared Goals: Financial Freedom and Social Contribution:
Fability aligns with the universal goals of achieving financial freedom and contributing as valued members of society. Bernadette’s commitment reflects in her dedication to breaking societal molds surrounding disability, paving the way for a more inclusive and equitable future.