One year ago, I decided to do my very own Vision Board after a friend told me how things manifested in her own life.

Today’s Vision Board tip is to make a Vision Board that represents what you want to CREATE in your life, not what you want to GET in your life.

To get you started on your Vision Board, here are some exploratory questions:
1. What goals are you working toward in your life?
2. When you imagine reaching your goals, what does your life look like?
3. Your vision board expresses your WHY – why is your goal important to you, why are making a change in your life? When you are feeling uninspired or unmotivated, remember your why. Just take a look at your vision board and you’ll remember why.
4. What images, words and phrases represent your life when you’ve achieved your goal?
5. What will it take to reach your goal?
6. How will the process of reaching your goal change you?
There are many different types of Vision Boards you can create. You can create a scrapbook-style board, a screen saver board, a background collage for your phone or laptop, or any other kind of board you can imagine.
Choose a Vision Board that works for you – something you can see every day.
Use it to get clear about your goals.
Use it to make decisions.
Ask yourself, does this job, this opportunity, this client or whatever it looks like, fit on my vision board? Because if it doesn’t, then that’s probably a good indication that it’s going to take you to a direction other than the direction that you really want to go.
One year later…. I thank myself for the decisions I’ve made. My life is where I dreamed it to be. I visualized, created an image and worked towards goal target dates.
My best year yet !!!