Wings For Life World Run Soars to New Heights, Raising R112 Million Globally for Spinal Injury Research

In an awe-inspiring display of global solidarity, the Wings For Life World Run has achieved a staggering milestone by amassing almost R112 million in funds dedicated to advancing spinal injury research. The South African leg of the race, with over 2,300 enthusiastic participants, contributed over R575,000 to this remarkable total.

A Phenomenal Race Day:

The event, which unfolded in Centurion and marked one of the most exciting gatherings, saw thousands of individuals, including able and disabled participants, taking to the starting line. This South African run was just one among 34 international locations hosting the Wings For Life World Run.

Across 12 time zones and amidst diverse light and weather conditions, more than 130,000 participants raced simultaneously, fueled by a shared commitment to make a difference in the realm of spinal cord injury research.

The Wings For Life World Run has not only created ripples of hope but has catalyzed a wave of change, proving that when humanity unites with purpose, remarkable feats can be achieved. The race for spinal injury research continues, fueled by the momentum gained from this extraordinary event.