I firmly believe in collaborative work with all Sectors. Sharing success rates, discussing challenges and providing effective solutions. Supporting the empowerment of disabled individuals to find and retain jobs.

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Why are we still getting it so wrong?

Over this last few years there has been little to zero improvement in reaching the 7% target consisting of disabled employees throughout SA. Zero effort was made to rectify our public transport accessibility measures raised through the October Transport Month initiatives since 2015. I personally find that disability organisations stick to policies from the 90’s that really never took off. Are we actually working together or against new methods of thinking.

A common remark made is that there’s scarce skills or hardly any business owners with disabilities.

Fability has set out to find Solutions, we will send out Surveys and conduct Workshops around the following:

  • How many Corporates are making use of Companies owned by disabled entrepreneurs?
  • How many Companies are registered on your Supply Chain owned by disabled individuals?
  • What measures are in place for Companies to retain staff?
  • How many mid management to director levels are appointed and filled for persons with disabilities?
  • Have you done a survey on building accessibility with staff?
  • Have you identified barriers and began resolving them?

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