We have BIG plans for 2019!

Learning the business, getting to know our customers and getting our feet underneath us at this whole running an online business. It’s been a few months since we opened the online shop and we couldn’t be more excited to share the products with you.

Our mission is to harness CREATIVITY into a viable solution.

The Fability Shop is an online product and delivery shop. Modern, Convenient and Fabulous.

Order from anywhere in the World through our online shop, straight to your doorstep. You have most certainly come to the right place and you can buy gifts online anytime.

Here is what you can look forward to in our shop!

WEBSITE:   www.shop.fability.co.za
SOCIAL MEDIA:   @TheFabilityShop
ONLINE-STORE:   A personalized shopping experience

Accessories |  New brands. LOW prices.
Beauty |  Highly recommended and personal favorite products.
Books |  We have compiled a list of books by Authors sharing real life, heart-warming stories. Be motivated.
Corporate Gifts |  We have a vast range of promotional gifts for you to choose from, plus truly awesome technology.
Promotions |  Fability adds sparkle. We love to stand out and embrace uniqueness, we are very lucky to get to incorporate that into the Fab brand. We hope the sparkle and glitter makes others happy, too.
Special Occasions |  You can expect to find any gifting needs for all occasions.

Not being able to make it to a shop won’t be such a bad thing anymore! Buying online is much easier and convenient. Also, EVERYTHING we carry in the shop is available for purchase globally.

You can expect to see a lot of new lines, products and updates.

If you need a unique and personalized gift – let us help you! Contact us to give an idea of what you’d like to send and spend. Either pick out what items you’d like to include, or we’ll lend a hand in giving you ideas perfect for that person or event.


We are incredibly thankful for YOU – If there is anything else you would like to see, we’d love to know about it!