Unlocking Potential: Insights from Disability Month Interviews

Disability Month serves as an invaluable platform for individuals with disabilities to share their experiences and insights. Bernadette Rigney, a passionate advocate for disability inclusion, recently shared her thoughts in interviews with various South African radio stations. Here are some of the key questions and responses:

1) Why are 2% targets for employees with disabilities often unmet, and what are the retention strategies?

“Many factors contribute to the shortfall in meeting the 2% disability employment target. Issues like transportation challenges and accessibility in buildings play a significant role. To improve retention, companies must address these barriers and implement supportive measures for their disabled staff.”

2) How can learners become entrepreneurs if job placement is unsuccessful?

“Entrepreneurial courses and job coaching play a crucial role. Companies are increasingly offering opportunities for disabled entrepreneurs to become suppliers and service providers. It’s time to tap into these avenues and collaborate across sectors.”

3) What are the benefits of remote offices and virtual communication?

“Remote offices provide companies with cost-effective alternatives to traditional setups. Virtual communication expands the talent pool, enabling recruitment of top-notch employees from across the country. This approach fosters a best-in-class recruitment operation and a more diverse workforce.”

4) How does society benefit from accommodating disabled individuals in the workforce?

“Enabling skilled disabled individuals with flexible, secure jobs leads to self-sustainability. It reduces reliance on social welfare, enhances business growth, and doubles job creation without requiring larger office spaces. Accommodating diverse needs fosters a more inclusive society.”

5) How can individuals book workshops with Fability?

“Workshop dates are shared on Fability’s website and social media pages. Requests can be emailed to info@fability.co.za. The goal is to empower individuals, connecting them with various sectors, from corporate and government to the modeling and entertainment industries.”

6) How does Fability engage with the youth market?

“I have been actively involved in school programs since 2008, reaching both rural and urban areas. The focus is on empowering the youth and breaking stereotypes around disabilities.”

7) What can we expect from Fability in the upcoming year (2017)?

“Fability, as a broad and inclusive company, aims to challenge disability stereotypes. The focus will be on empowering individuals through programs and sharing technological advancements. The overarching motto is to create platforms for everyone to ‘Live Life Fabulously.'”

8) What’s your message of inspiration to South Africa?

“Always believe in yourself. Life can be tough, but maintaining belief in your abilities is crucial. Resilience is a powerful force that can propel you forward even in challenging times.”

9) How can individuals get in touch with Fability?

“For more information, individuals can visit the website www.fability.co.za or contact Bernadette Rigney via email at info@fability.co.za.”

Bernadette Rigney’s commitment to breaking barriers and fostering inclusivity shines through, offering both inspiration and practical insights for a more accessible and accommodating world.