As important as those deadlines are, so is your mental and physical health. These 5 steps might help you keep glamorous and fabulous even on the most stressful days.

1 Clear the clutter
Step away from the PC !! I usually go through all my documents and papers, a bit of filing and simply clear my desk to regroup and organise my thoughts and priorities. The more organised, the less overwhelmed you feel with those notes you jotted down as reminders.

2 Take a break
Have nail polish in your cosmetic bag? Perfect, if you are close to a scenic view from a balcony or a park close by, take a break a have a DIY manicure. Clear your mind from stress, re-group and bounce back.

3 Coffee with a Colleague
This is my personal fav, hearing about different projects in your organization uplifts your spirits and you truly realize how large and value adding everyone’s role is, including yours. Chat about what drives you to jump out of bed. Do more of what excites you in the workplace.

4 Smell the roses
Get a small plant for your desk, take time to water it.

5 Clear out the clutter on your LinkedIn profile
Read an energy boosting article, my fav page to follow is Forbes. Follow pages of interest, innovative Companies or Influencers. Send a message to someone whom you see as a Mentor. You are your own personal brand. Change your profile photo or background and update a few details about yourself. Add your accomplishments as small as they may be.

No matter what job you do or where you are, focus more on what makes you smile.

Now let’s get back to work…