Supporting the Empowerment of Women and Persons with Disabilities in Business; through Recruitment, 800+ Credit Bearing Training Programs, Accessibility Audits, Technology, Innovation and Employee Retention Strategies for Corporates, Government and Individuals.

What are the benefits of Virtual Offices and placing Disabled Learners on Virtual Training Programs?

– Instead of competing for ideal-priced office locations (and space) in major cities, many companies are finding a new and inventive way of lowering overhead costs.
– Another added plus is the success in building a best-in-class recruitment operation for hiring top-line employees from across the country with virtual companies.
– Remote-based companies are finding talent far superior to what is available in a crowded and competitive hyper-local field.

How does Society benefit from the Evolution of the Workplace?

– Thousands of Women with professional skills and creativity that could be enhancing our business culture are stay at home moms. Unfortunately, because of the lack of flexible options for moms, many of these Women choose to leave the workforce completely — often not entirely by choice, but out of necessity.
– Skilled Disabled Individuals become less reliant on Social Welfare and more self sustainable with flexible secure and permanent jobs. Allowing the Individual to work from home and attend weekly office visits.
– Technology allows Managers to monitor the progress of Work and Projects rather than the Individuals’ presence at the Workplace.
– Studies find that with more flexibility, Staff are more productive, loyal and driven.
– Businesses grow, job creation doubles in numbers without costing Companies larger office space.
– Companies can reach the Employment target of 2% of the total workforce consisting of Persons with Disabilities.
– Accessibility for disabled staff on the premises can cost large amounts, every disability is unique and requires different assistive devices.Public Transport for Disabled staff members becomes a challenge and results in individuals resigning.These matters are eliminated for mobility impaired individuals.

Join us to make a difference in your Business and People’s lives.

Bernadette Rigney
Fability Pty Ltd