Advancing Collaborative Solutions for Disability Inclusion

I staunchly advocate for collaborative efforts across all sectors, fostering an environment where success rates, challenges, and effective solutions are shared openly. My commitment extends to supporting the empowerment of disabled individuals, ensuring their successful integration into the workforce.

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Addressing Persistent Challenges

Despite our collective aspirations, the past few years have witnessed negligible progress in achieving the 7% target for disabled employees in South Africa. The transportation accessibility issues flagged during October Transport Month initiatives since 2015 remain unaddressed, raising concerns about the effectiveness of existing policies and methodologies. It begs the question: Are we truly working together, or are we inadvertently hindering progress by clinging to outdated approaches from the 90s?

A prevailing notion suggests a scarcity of skills among disabled individuals and a lack of business owners with disabilities. Fability, under my leadership, is committed to addressing these challenges head-on. We are embarking on a comprehensive approach:

Surveying Corporate Engagement:

  • Objective: Assess the extent to which corporations engage with businesses owned by disabled entrepreneurs.

Supply Chain Representation:

  • Objective: Gauge the number of companies in the supply chain registered under disabled ownership.

Retention Strategies:

  • Objective: Investigate existing measures in place for companies to retain disabled staff effectively.

Leadership Representation:

  • Objective: Scrutinize the presence of disabled individuals in mid-management to directorial roles within companies.

Building Accessibility Survey:

  • Objective: Conduct surveys on the accessibility of buildings for disabled staff, identifying any barriers and initiating resolutions.

By delving into these aspects through surveys and workshops, Fability aims to uncover practical insights, foster collaboration, and drive actionable strategies to overcome the persistent challenges hindering the realization of a more inclusive workforce. It’s time to reassess, adapt, and collectively propel the agenda of disability inclusion forward.