Social Media Marketing platforms have grown tremendously for small business owners and not to mention the impact Influencers have made.

74% of consumers follow brands on social media. It is easy to use these channels to build relationships — and track your ROI every step of the way.

Social media advertising and publishing has almost replaced TV and Radio Ads entirely.

Social Media maximizes your marketing ROI, real-time customer insights and audience data to help your team deliver personalized, compelling social content at scale — and optimize your campaign performance.

More content. Less time and costs.

So, how do some pages look so professional and gain traction? It’s all about authenticity. When you believe in your goal, your followers will too.

The first thing you need to establish is the following:

Do you want numbers?
Do you want sales?

Remember, having one hundred followers who are paying clients is much better than having one million followers with zero sales.

I constantly visit pages with engaging material and subscribe to well organized and value adding webinars. Create a trustworthy Brand and see those sales grow.

Where do you start?

  • Know your Business and Services.
    avoid following the trend, focus on what you are great at
  • Create content and share share share your insight.
  • It’s not necessary to have a Page on each platform. Select your favourite.
    mine would be Facebook and Instagram, for personal use, I love Twitter
  • Use an excel sheet or a scheduling tool to plan. Even two years of planning will give you a clear guideline as to what your goals and objective is. Set your personal time-frame.

Some of my favourite online tools include:

Facebook Business Suite’s Planner
PhotoSplit Apps are available on AppStore

These free marketing tools will help you or your team to produce more content more quickly, and have it work more effectively than ever before.

Looking forward to visiting your Pages!! Let me know your thoughts and where I can assist.