Full Guide to Fability Models SA 2015:
Fability is set to Unearth Amazing Disabled Models

Photos courtesy of Models of Diversity (www.modelsofdiversity.org)

Fability Models
Fability Models is one link of the diverse company called Fability (www.fability.co.za). Fability’s Chief Executive Officer, Bernadette Rigney, started Fability Models SA in July 2015 after seeing Jack Eyers from Models of Diversity on Sky News on 16 August 2014; she was greatly inspired. Bernadette and Jack have been in contact since 2014 and now Fability and Jack Eyers will give a platform to launch a massive model search specifically targeting physically disabled individuals (amputees; paraplegics; persons with albinism as well as people who are deaf or blind).
Our runway competition hopes to empower and encourage disabled models by giving them the opportunity to get noticed in the modelling industry and to become a modern day icon and role model to the youth, with and without disabilities, around South Africa and the World.

Our Aim
Fability Models SA would like to see more disabled individuals in the public eye and it should be acknowledged in all spheres. Disability needs to be more visible and we hope that this Event will give courage, hope and exposure to disabled individuals and show them that anything is possible and life is definitely for living!

Our Model Search
Entry is free. Entrants are required to be between the ages of 17 and 35. Fability Models SA will be scouting from all nine Provinces: Gauteng, KwaZulu Natal, Eastern Cape, Western Cape, Limpopo, Mpumalanga, North West Province, Free State and the Northern Cape. We will then be shortlisting 25 gentleman and 25 ladies, thereafter through a process of one-on-one interviews with a panel of recognised and high-profiled judges. Only 7 gentleman and 7 ladies will remain after the auditions and they will compete for the title of Fability Models SA 2016!

Judge: Jack Eyers
International Disabled Model, Advocate for Models of Diversity (MOD)

The International Judge
We are proud to announce that Jack Eyers will be on-board with our model search for people with physical disabilities! He is a British personal trainer and became the first male amputee model to walk the catwalk in Milan and New York’s Fashion Week 2015; his leg was amputated at the age of 16. Jack certainly knows what it takes to make it as a disabled model as well as the personal traits one must possess in order to survive in this cutthroat industry.
Jack says he and many likeminded people are calling on the fashion, beauty and marketing industries to recognize the beauty in people of all races, ages, shapes, sizes and abilities.

Guest Judges: The Sivada Sisters – Kamara and Bianca Sivada
Designers, Entrepreneurs, Owners of the Fashion Label VADA by Sivada

Guest Judges
We are extremely excited to announce that the Celebrity guest judges of our model search are the Sivada Sisters, Kamara and Bianca Sivada. They are fashion personalities and entrepreneurs that own the Fashion label VADA by Sivada, empowering woman to embrace their inner Goddess. The contestants will be wearing their Range VADA by Sivada.

Success Coach: Chantelle Swart
Mrs SA runner up 2014 and Mrs World top 10, Model, Entrepreneur

Success Coach: Mishka Patel
Presenter, Miss SA Finalist 2014, Model, Entrepreneur

Celebrity Success Coaches
We are delighted to announce that two South African Celebrity Success Coaches will mentor the contestants and guide them into being successful individuals / models. These two Coaches are Chantelle Swart and Mishka Patel. Chantelle Swart, former Mrs South Africa runner-up in 2014 as well as a Mrs World Top 10 Finalist. She will bestow on the contestants priceless advice regarding professional modelling.
Mishka Patel is a television presenter, a former Miss South Africa top 12 Finalist in 2014 (she competed with Miss World Rolene Strauss) and a successful businesswoman. She will help the contestants prepare for the exhilarating and exhausting journey that lies ahead.
The qualities the judges will be searching for
The three key focus areas that the judges will place emphasis on are as follows:
1. Community involvement:
It will definitely count in contestants’ favour if they are already involved in uplifting their community.
It will definitely be expected of them to come up with inventive ideas on how to become more involved in their community.
2. Extraordinary achievements:
If a contestant has already accomplished extraordinary achievements, it will unquestionably score highly with the judges.
They must have the determination and potential, courage and desire to achieve ground-breaking success.
3. Icon to the Youth:
All contestants will become an inspiring Icon to the youth of today and therefor they must possess a strong character, ambition and a passion for human rights. All of the contestants will be expected to answer a string of questions by the judges to determine the aforementioned and to establish each and every contestant’s willpower, ambition and whether they have all the traits to become an agent of change.
The winners must be ready to take on South Africa as a public figure, a role model and Ambassador of our diverse country. We really want to see someone with spirit and drive that will motivate other individuals from different walks of life!

How to Enter
Entries are open until January 2016, free of charge!
Any person with a physical disability can enter.
All you need to do is send us a short Biography in which you have to state in a clear and concise way:
Name and Age;
Male or Female;
Your disability;
Which Province do you live in;
Any great accomplishments you may have achieved;
Why would you like to enter Fability Models South Africa?
Email your biography, together with 3 good quality photographs of yourself, to info@fability.co.za
NB: The photographs do not have to be taken by a professional photographer, but they must not be blurred and no selfies are allowed.

Contact Details
Email: info@fability.co.za
Website: www.fability.co.za
Facebook: Fability
Twitter: @TheFabilityLife
Instagram: @TheFabilityLife



Tim Hulme

Jan Theron

Supporting Fability Models SA:

Models of Diversity
International Modelling Campaign

Irene Fischer

The Director behind Fability Models SA:

Bernadette Rigney
CEO of Fability

Fability is a company that showcases individuals who have disabilities, that they truly can live a fabulous life.
The company focuses on recruitment, disability awareness, technology and innovative ideas to improve daily living. It was founded by Bernadette Rigney in 2014.
Bernadette knows that being disabled can be limiting with regards to career paths as she is disabled herself. She was born with a rare condition called Arthrogryposis, which limits her motion in her hands and legs. She has in no way let her challenges stop her from living a full, enriching life.
Our Fabulous Team includes:
Fability Models SA Director: Bernadette Rigney
Chief Executive Officer (CEO of Fability)
Special Guest: Angel Sinclair
Founder and Director: Models of Diversity (MOD)
Success Coach: Mishka Patel
Presenter, Miss SA Finalist, Model, Entrepreneur
Success Coach: Chantelle Swart
Mrs SA runner up and Mrs World top 10, Model, Entrepreneur
Judge: Jack Eyers
International Disabled Model, Advocate for Models of Diversity (MOD)
Guest Judges: Kamara and Bianca Sivada
Designers, Entrepreneurs, Owners of the Fashion Label VADA by Sivada