17 October 2018

Event Basics

17 October 2018

Dealing with Rejection

Rejection happens frequently, but as a person with a disability, it’s happens daily. I smiled while thinking back about yesterday, the initial shock of hearing the […]
23 September 2018


I love luxury and style. Cazal caught my attention, and not only did I want to purchase a pair, I also wanted to share this Brand […]
23 September 2018

Careership vs Entrepreneurship

Pros and Cons: Careership VS Entrepreneurship Being an employee and being an entrepreneur have their own advantages and disadvantages. Entrepreneurs are often portrayed as happy and […]
16 July 2018

Turn your office day into a spa day with these 5 steps

As important as those deadlines are, so is your mental and physical health. These 5 steps might help you keep glamorous and fabulous even on the […]
22 April 2018

Things You Need to Do After Attending a Career Expo

Things You Need to Do After Attending a Career Expo Whether you’re nearing graduation, have already graduated or are in search of a new job, you’ve […]
12 April 2018

10 Things Strong Women Always Do

10 Things Strong Women Always Do We have all met that strong woman we absolutely aspire to be more like. You know, the type that seems […]
31 March 2018

Tips on becoming a Successful Entrepreneur

Tips on becoming a Successful Entrepreneur When I decided to leave the comfort of my 9-5 daily job, I had no idea what I was in […]
9 October 2017

5 Morning Habits To Kick Off The Productive Day

5 Morning Habits To Kick Off The Productive Day ● Wake Up Surprising, huh? I have one VERY important rule: NO SNOOZING! As soon as I […]
25 September 2017

10 Bad Habits That Are Sabotaging Your Success

10 Bad Habits That Are Sabotaging Your Success 1. Stop trying to make everyone else happy before yourself. Be good to others, but don’t sacrifice your […]
25 September 2017

Vision Board tips – how this changed my life in one year

One year ago, I decided to do my very own Vision Board after a friend told me how things manifested in her own life. Today’s Vision […]
27 July 2017

Feeling overwhelmed?

Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t quit… – take a break, – reevaluate, – prioritize, – make a step by step to do list, – get things done in […]
27 July 2017

Have you reached your goals?

Have you reached your goals? Are you closer to where you want to be? Here’s 5 steps to getting you there: 1 Take a few days […]
27 July 2017

Launching Fability Workshops presented by Bernadette

About the Fability Workshops Branding and Marketing | Financial Planning | Coaching Sessions Making an impact on people’s lives comes effortlessly to Bernadette Rigney, whose laugh […]
27 July 2017

5 Ways to Motivate your Employees

5 Ways to Motivate your Employees: 》Communicate Better 》Be An Example 》Empower Them 》Offer Opportunities for Achievement 》Provide Incentives Motivation plays a key role in keeping […]
13 May 2017

Implementing a 7% Target consisting of Persons with Disabilities in the Workplace

Currently less than 4% of South African Companies have reached the 2% Target. Fability is a South African founded company that combines fabulousness with sharing innovative […]
9 March 2017

7 Powerful Public Speaking Tips

You’d never know it, but Simon Sinek is naturally shy and doesn’t like speaking to crowds. At parties, he says he hides alone in the corner […]
9 March 2017

Dressing for Job and Media Interviews

Before you say a single word to the interviewer, you have already made an impression based on how you’re dressed. The guidelines given here are commonly […]
9 March 2017

How Social Networks Impact Your Job Search

Potential employers will weigh your digital identity – and so should you Why Your Digital Identity Matters to Your Job Search Could your social media digital […]
22 November 2016

Entrepreneurial Advice with Bernadette

Disability Month is an opportunity for disabled individuals to share their experiences and give advice. Bernadette Rigney was interviewed by a few Radio Stations around SA. […]
15 October 2016

October Transport Month 2016 – Fability

The EcoMobility World Festival 2015 was a remarkable opportunity for the local community and people with disabilities to try out a scenario of activities for sustainable […]