Fability Financial Freedom Workshop
15 September 2017
Bernadette Rigney
6 August 2017
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Fability Workshop
Branding and Marketing

Making an impact on people’s lives comes effortlessly to Bernadette Rigney, whose laugh is infectious and whose positive outlook on life makes you smile. Born with a rare condition called Arthrogryposis, she is no stranger to the challenges Persons with Disabilities experience in their everyday lives.

Despite her physical limitations, she has proven herself to be a giant in her field. With her extensive marketing experience from working in the USA to the Fashion and Cosmetic Industry as well as Government, she started Fability because she is in a unique position to bring attention to the challenges that Persons with Disabilities face on a daily basis, in every Sector.

Since starting Fability, she has worked on global projects to share disability awareness through Media platforms over the last three years and achieved remarkable results in breaking barriers.

She shares advice and tips on how to reach your full potential in life and business.

Topics Discussed:

• Business Network Building
• Marketing strategies
• The impact Social Media has on your Job search and/or Business
• Professional Personal Branding
• The Evolving World of the Workplace / Employees / Entrepreneurs
• Transforming the South African workplace
• How to stay Motivated
… and so much more


Workshop reviews:
Thank you for hosting us. I got only positive feedback from our employees with disabilities at the dti.
Hessa Ely
Disability Manager: the dti

Amazing workshop I had hosted by the lovely Bernadette Rigney. The environment was great, the people were great and the teachings we amazing. Loved every moment. The workshop was worth it. The information I got out will improve my business and the people were amazing. Thank you Bernadette
Bonisile Claudia Kunene
Owner of a Fashion Label

Thank you Bernadette Rigney for an awesome workshop today. Lovely setting and fantastic speaker you are. Very much looking forward to attending more in the future and meeting new people. Much love.
Tennille Pretorius
Event Planner

A HUGE shout out to Fability Pty Ltd and Bernadette Rigney for ALL your support and friendship to Smergos and the team. You are a true worrier and a blessing to all!
Disability Accessories Brand


Photos of the day: