Earlier this year we attended the Annual Career Expo 2018.

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As the year comes to an end, let’s re-cap and see how far you are with your planning…

Career to do list:

  • Promoting yourself through Social Media
    Is your Social Media profile reflecting your personality, goals and are you promoting yourself?
    Everything you say is PR, your very own personal brand.
    If your interests are in Corporate / Fashion / IT, make sure that when people visit your profile, it shows.
    This also gives your potential Employer a view of how you can market their brand.
  • Reconnect with your Network
    At the career expo you gathered as many business cards as you could. You might have sent out a few messages or emails, reflect on how contacts responded to your follow-up message.
    Have you had a good conversation with a potential Employer or Recruitment Agency?
    If you had no replies, now is a great time to reach out again and give a small report on what you have done over the last few months to prepare for 2019.

Don’t feel anxious about the future, you are in an exciting phase of your life.
Make decisions that you will be proud of in 5 years from now.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions: info@fability.co.za