The EcoMobility World Festival 2015 was a remarkable opportunity for the local community and people with disabilities to try out a scenario of activities for sustainable living, experiencing and showcasing an ecomobile lifestyle in a real city, by real people, in real time.

After the success of the 2015 Event, the city committed to involving all relevant stakeholders this month to follow up on the progress over the last year. This campaign is about how we will travel in the future, and what actions were taken to improve on challenges documented over the last year. It is about how the cities of the future will be designed. It is also about how we are transforming towns and cities and going forward to change urban spaces to include an accessible public transport, encourage walking and cycling.

An accessible, reliable, modern and efficient public transport system is central to promote social and economic inclusion. Fability is fully committed to making changes and highlighting what needs to be improved on.

Public Transport plays a critical part in a disabled person’s livelihood, from work, to shops, to doctors visits… and to live as independently as possible.