Currently less than 4% of South African Companies have reached the 2% Target.

Fability is a South African founded company that combines fabulousness with sharing innovative ideas on how technology has the capacity to improve daily living for Persons with Disabilities. Fability empowers Individuals to pursue their career goals through Personality Evaluation Assessments, Training and Development, including, providing Workshops to Government and Corporates to create inclusive and barrier free environments, to comply with Legislative Acts and Employment Equity Policies, understanding the benefits of/and creating employment for Persons with Disabilities.

The Founder of Fability: Bernadette Rigney has extensive experience in multiple areas of Government and spent a year working in the USA. She launched Fability in 2014 to work on global projects and to share disability awareness matters through Media platforms, passionate about making a difference to the lives of Persons with Disabilities in South Africa and throughout the world.

Bernadette has great knowledge, skills, expertise, deep insight in how cities, transport systems and building codes operate gleaned from her employment of eight years in Government. Bernadette works alongside Government, Private Sectors, Recruiters, Schools and Universities to bridge gap between the Job Seeker and Employer. She brings attention to Government decision makers on where to improve on Public Services and Transport Systems. She hosts a range of Events and presents at Government and Corporate Seminars and Workshops.
How to effectively place Persons with Disabilities into jobs:
Bernadette firmly believes in collaborative work and works with all Sectors, sharing their success rates, discussing challenges and providing effective solutions. Supporting the Empowerment of Disabled Individuals to find and retain jobs.

Common reasons why Persons with Disabilities resign from Jobs or look into changing Career Paths:

  • Lack of Growth – there is very seldom growth opportunities within Companies. It is very common to find that skilled individuals are placed at Frontline Administrative functions.
  • Transportation and basic Accessibility to restrooms / parking areas / user friendly environments i.e. photocopiers and office equipment creates barriers for the daily activities and productivity.
  • Emergency exits and Drivers Licenses – many Companies use this as a way of not employing or promoting individuals “If there’s an emergency, our Senior Management Office is on the 5th Floor.”

Frequent asked questions by Corporates and Government Departments:

  • What is the Definition of Disability?
  • What are the different types of disabilities?
  • Who can I employ? Strategic placements according to qualifications.
  • Is my environment accessible?
  • Are my Policies in place correct and according to the Code of Good Conduct?
  • Who do I contact for advice on Disability?
  • What is Universal Design and Reasonable Accommodation?
  • What is an Accessibility Audit and how important is it?
  • What are the benefits of the employing Persons with Disabilities?
  • What happens to the Learners once completing a Learnership program?
  • What are the benefits for an Employer to permanently employ a Person with a Disability? (Can you claim back for salaries?)
  • Elaborate on added BBBEE point scoring.

We still experience Myths of disability in this day and age. Are these a reflection of the insecurities of Persons with Disabilities or merely excuses from the Employer? Whilst we place so much focus and emphasis on the correct Terminology, while losing focus on what the real challenges are such as Job Creation.

A stereotype is a generalised and relatively fixed image of a person or persons belonging to a particular group. This image is formed by isolating or exaggerating certain features (physical, intellectual, cultural, occupational etc) that seem to characterise the group. Stereotypes are discriminatory in that they take away a person’s individuality. When in fact it has been proven that Persons with Disabilities are ten times harder working and dedicated in their workplaces.

Bernadette aims to create equal opportunities and fairness in business and social welfare for ALL. Committed to breaking the mold of how society perceives disability.

We ALL have the same goals in life, to be Financially Free and contributing members of Society.

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