2018 taught me so much about life, love and corporate finance. Read more: Inspiring Life Lessons
But … what I learned the most was from people not material items. Personality traits, we avoid negative people, yet, at some stage we were that negative person. I am thankful to the ones who stuck by me in my failures and kept me humble in my successes.

To end off 2018 on a great note and kick start 2019, let’s look at the following:

What are you going to do now to make sure you have your best year ever in 2019?
What one thing will mean the difference in achieving your goals rather than chalking them up to yet another year’s unfulfilled resolutions?
What can you do to enhance an aspect of your life that you’ve neglected in your single-minded pursuit of that elusive brass ring?
…. Think about it.
Start small, focusing on just one thing you want to accomplish. This life is yours to make of it whatever you desire, so start now!
If you are an OCD planner like me, there’s Vision Boards. Read more: Vision Board tips – how this changed my life in one year

  1. Expand your thinking with new experiences. Connect with different groups of individuals. Find your tribe. Do exercise, read more, commit to doing something new that you have thought about doing, but have not done, and notice how it affects your life. Verbally appreciate at least 10 people a day, get eight hours of sleep, meditate for 20 minutes, visualize your goals as already complete, plan your next day’s schedule and prioritized to-do list before you leave work, do five things every day that forward your No. 1 goal, spend an hour with your spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend/child/best friend, write a handwritten thank-you note to someone, drink 10 glasses of water and take a nap when you feel the need.
  2. Write a 101 life-goal list.
  3. Don’t just make a resolution and join a fitness centre you won’t see after February—make a commitment and build fitness into your schedule. Join a class at your fitness club, an exercise group or a team sport even a hiking group. Or, if you can afford it, hire a trainer. Doing any of these things will not only make your workouts more productive, but they will also be more fun.
  4. Find an opportunity to Volunteer at Church or for a friend who is running a charity.
  5. Start a savings account. Invest Invest!! Look at your retirement plan, life cover, medical aid or hospital plan, once you have a clear view of your financial future … stress releases your mind and body.
  6. Become aware of what leaves your mouth by recording everything you say for at least an hour each day for the entire month. Words have power! Holding yourself to a higher standard in your choice of language is key to achieving consistent outstanding results.
  7. Schedule family time.
  8. Quit worrying about trying to please everyone.
  9. Nurture your emotional well-being by choosing friends who genuinely want you to succeed and who encourage you. Also, consider your environment—is your home or office dreary or energizing? Read and listen to inspirational and motivational material. Make it a point to go to funny movies or watch a TV sitcom that makes you laugh. Overall, whether it’s gossip from co-workers, violence in the media, pessimism in your own thoughts or other influences, make conscious efforts to reduce your exposure to the negative. You’ll see positive benefits immediately!
  10. Clean out your closet and donate unwanted clothes to charity.
  11. Schedule regular outings on your calendar with your spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend/child/best friend.
  12. Schedule all doctor and dentist appointments for the year, YES, I know this sounds tedious, but you’ll feel like a million bucks with knowledge of your health and that brighter smile.
  13. Plan a trip to a place you have always wanted to go.
  14. There is a difference between being busy and being productive. What are you wasting time on? What are you doing that doesn’t produce revenue?
  15. Communicate and connect.

Fall in love with life all over again