Pros and Cons: Careership vs Entrepreneurship

Being an employee and being an entrepreneur have their own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Entrepreneurs often portray a happy and carefree lifestyle, they are risk takers that have the benefits of controlling their own time and income. In reality though, many entrepreneurs fail during the first year. They don’t have the guaranteed income and work available that an employee can enjoy. However, the diversification available to those that chase their dreams with new inventions and ideas can often lead to self-satisfaction and an abundance in confidence that will help across all areas of life.

The growth of the internet, social media marketing tools, remote working and even virtual meetings, along with the advancements in technology makes life easier and easier.

The advantages and disadvantages available to both the entrepreneur and the employee:

Pros of being an Employee Cons of being an Employee

Guaranteed income
Leave benefits
Fixed working hours and projects
Lower risk

Toxic environments
Limited and a set income
Working hours – time wasted in traffic daily, zero flexibility
No room for creativity and individuality

Pros of being an Entrepreneur Cons of being an Entrepreneur
Personal growth
Fulfilling goals and aspirations as an individual
Flexible working hours
The ability to earn
Being selective with clients
Constant pressure
A continuous cycle of investing your time and resources
Long working hours
Financial instability

After weighing these pros and cons, you will know what suits your lifestyle. If you have an idea, gather six of the smartest individuals you know, run it past them.

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