Technology effects your businesses efficiency and productivity. You can manage staff progress for remote working, you can manage stock, handle orders and deliveries and keep track of finances.

A human-to-human approach when it comes to front-end and customer service is great, people need interaction and personal one on one meetings, but you can certainly make the majority of your operations smoother with technology. You can also reach broader audiences and build networks.

The internet has made communication close to instantaneous with email and social media at the forefront. Skype and online meeting rooms to communicate with people from all around the world, reducing the need to travel and allowing for regular contact with international networks.

New and innovative platforms are popping with great tools to filter those not so glamorous days.

Technology provides security solutions and keeping up with the latest tech may be the difference between losing data and keeping it safe. You can protect client information, financial data and proprietary information.

Keeping up with technology clearly has its benefits. Greater efficiency, productivity, better communication and relationships also personalized offerings for more sales.

The consequences of not keeping up with technology can be damaging. You may lose your competitive edge. So stay with the times!